Using Satellite Internet? Make The Switch To High Speed Internet Service To Optimize Time At Home

If you have had satellite internet for more than a few months, you most likely have experienced some of its major setbacks. When you get rain, snow, or even just heavy cloud coverage, your connection will stop. This can quickly put a damper on an evening when you are trying to relax and watch a movie. If you have access to high speed Internet service, such as DSL, cable, or fiber optic, you should make the switch.

Increase Simultaneous User Usage

If you have a large family, you could have quite a few people trying to use the Internet at the same time. This can lead to limiting everyone's Internet usage, similar to how families are forced to set rules to work around having just one bathroom in their home. It is best to know that all of your kids can go online to do schoolwork and that you can check up on things related to work or family affairs at any time. Each device can consume data because system updates sometimes come at random and may install on your own. So, you have to consider everything, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops as devices.

Improve Page Load Speeds

Whenever you visit a webpage, your computer and Internet connection sends requests to host servers. The thing that matters most in this case is latency, in which satellite Internet has rather poor numbers. Since the signals from satellites that give you an Internet connection have to make requests from space, and then send the results down to your computer on earth, the whole process can take a while. By switching to a better service, you can cut down the delay to almost nothing. This will drastically increase page load speeds, which ultimately reduces how much time you spend waiting for pages to load.

Download Files Faster

Satellite internet does not perform poorly in terms of download speeds, and it is not that uncommon for these providers to actually over-deliver on their advertised speeds throughout the day. However, in regard to these download speeds, satellite connections just cannot compete with high-speed cable or fiber. Being able to download a 2-hour HD movie in a matter of 25 seconds is a huge difference compared to 6 hours on a 1Mbps download speed or 60 minutes at a 10Mbps download speed.

If you want to stop waiting and start enjoying, make the switch to high speed internet service. For more information, contact Solarus or a similar company.