Are You Planning A Data Center Move? What You Need To Do Before The Move

A data center is extremely important to your business. The data center consists of networked computer services that are used by businesses like yours for data processing, remote storage, and/or distributing data to all of the computers within your organization and to your customers. If your business is moving, you are consolidating one building or business with another, or you have outgrown your current data center and need a larger one, you may be planning a data center move. Data center moves are complex and are complicated by the fact that your business basically comes to a stand still while the center is down, so time is of the essence. As such, it is important to plan your move out in order to execute it properly. Here are a few things you need to do before moving day comes for your data center. 

Pick the Best Time to Avoid Interruptions

One of the first things you need to do is pick the best time for the move to happen. No matter how well you plan a move-out, you will have data outages. Because of this, many businesses plan their moves overnight when fewer of their employees or customers will be affected. When possible, make employees and customers know of the outages well in advance so they can plan around the interruption

Make a List of All of Your Inventory

Before the move, take the time to write out a complete list of the inventory you have. If desired, you may also want to include what order you have the equipment set up. When it comes time to move, you can reference your list to ensure that nothing has been left behind, has gone missing and to ensure that all of the equipment is set up in the correct order. While you are making an inventory list, it is also a great time to assess the age and condition of your inventory. As is the case with a closet full of clothes, you may not realize that you have pieces you aren't using or that should be replaced until you pull things out and get a good look. 

Ensure the Space is Ready to Go 

The last key to ensuring a successful move is ensuring the space is ready to go and you have all the equipment needed to move your data center. If you need to install extra electrical outlets, install surge protectors or need towers or shelves to store the equipment on, get all of that equipment in place before moving day. This ensures that the data center can be moved from one location to the next as quickly as possible. 

Moving a data center is a big task. If you are looking to move yours, you may want to hire a company that specializes in these moves. This helps ensure that your data center move goes off without a hitch and that your business is back up and running as quickly as possible.