Avid Online Shopper? Tips For Keeping Your Delivered Packages Safe From Theft

Purchasing clothing, electronics, and even groceries online is becoming more popular among households of all sizes. If you are an onlne shopper, you already know how convenient it is to browse, select, and purchase the items you want to buy from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Even better are extra benefits, like using less fuel to shop at physical stores and being able to stay away from crowds during flu season. But shopping from home does have one drawback - an increased risk that the items you receive will be stolen from your doorstep or mailbox when they arrive.

Timing the delivery or having an alternate delivery address

If you shop from home only occasionally, you may be able to simply time the deliveries to a day when someone will be home to greet the delivery driver and bring the packages safely inside the home. Most internet businesses give delivery options that include a guaranteed delivery date that can helpful when doing this. Additionally, you may be able to input another address during the order process and have the items shipped to your work address or to the home of an agreeable friend or neighbor who can accept delivery for you.

Installing a locked receptacle for deliveries

If you frequently shop from home or have packages that may be delivered unexpectedly, you may want to install a receptacle that the delivery driver can place the packages in. For example, a sturdy, attractively painted wooden box with a lid and padlock placed near your front door could work for this purpose. When packages are due, the padlock could be left in the unlocked position so the delivery driver could lift the lid, insert the package, close the lid, and snap the lock securely closed.

Remember, however, that if your home is governed by a homeowners association (HOA), you will need to make sure that installing this type of anti-theft solution is acceptable in your development.

Opting for a residential security system to help thwart thieves

While scheduling deliveries and using a locked box are workable solutions in some cases, the best solution is to consider installing a good residential security system at your home. Look for a system with cameras that you can access remotely from smartphones. tablets, and computers. Also, make sure that at least one camera is situated at your front door to capture thieves in action. This type of system has the additional benefit of helping to reduce your risk of theft over time because the camera images can be used to help find and prosecute those responsible for this type of theft.

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