It’s A Fast-Paced World: 4 Benefits Obtained From Using Fast Steering Mirrors

If you've thought about going into the field of technology, you'll be learning a lot about piezo actuators and fast steering mirrors. The one thing you'll learn is that piezo actuators don't reach their maximum potential without the work of fast steering mirrors. That's because those fast steering mirrors allow laser beams to be moved, positioned, and repositioned quickly and accurately, which is crucial to the performance of your piezo actuator. Here are four things you need to know about fast steering mirrors and how they benefit your piezo actuator.

1. Fully-Contained Unit

With previous technology, piezo actuators, and their working components were exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, that put them at risk for contamination and malfunctions. However, modern fast steering mirrors provide a fully-contained unit, which protects them against contamination that can bring work to a standstill. The addition of the contained unit makes fast steering mirrors perfect for operation in environments that are far from ideal. Not only that, but they're virtually maintenance-free and dust-free. They'll also never need to be lubricated, which ensures better operational capabilities.

2. Higher Acceleration Drives

When you're working with laser beams, the movements need to be quick and concise; something that can be difficult with older technology. That's where fast steering mirrors and piezo staging comes into the picture. Fast steering mirrors provide for precision maneuvering, which ensures the clarity and speed that you need. Not only that but because the maneuvering doesn't create friction, you won't need to worry about any possible lag time.

3. Rapid Fiber Optic Alignment

When it comes to working with fiber optics, you can afford to deal with laser-light interruptions during the data transfer. Unfortunately, that's exactly what you'll be dealing with if you can't align your fiber optics quickly enough to keep up with the program. Fast moving mirrors allow for rapid fiber optic alignment, which ensures that your project won't be delayed due to misalignment or laser-light interruptions. Your fiber optics will be precision aligned every step of the way.

4. Advances in Ophthalmology Treatment

If you're going to be working in the field of ophthalmology, you'll be using piezo actuators, scanners, and fast steering mirrors quite a lot. This is particularly true if you'll be conducting any refractive procedures, such as during cataract removals. Fast steering mirror technology allows for small, fragment-sized pieces of the cornea to be removed using laser beams that are directed at the eyeball. This technology allows for more precise surgical techniques with fewer chances of error.