Security Products To Protect Your Home During Remodeling

Remodeling your home may increase both your enjoyment of the property and its value, but it can be a difficult project to manage if you are at work all day. Fortunately, there are ways you can use a security system to monitor the work and ensure your home isn't at risk of theft or vandalism. The following are some security products to consider if you plan to have your home remodeled soon.

Remote surveillance

Installing video cameras with your alarm system is an excellent option if you need to keep an eye on your home while you are at work. It also means you can keep watch over your remodeling contractors even if you can't be there to ensure the work is being done properly. Surveillance apps are available that you can download to your phone or computer. These allow you to log into your home's security cameras so you can view the happenings at your abode. Some systems even allow you to control the cameras so you can focus them on the part of the room you wish to view. Although you won't want to use this system to micromanage your remodeling crew, you can use it to survey the work being done throughout the day so you can spot any problems as they occur. This will allow you to contact your contractor with concerns before an issue progresses too far.

A coded entry system

One issue with remodeling work is that you have a lot of different workers coming onto your property throughout the day, such as plumbers, drywall installers, or painters. Although your general contractor should be overseeing the work, there may be times when they are not there to allow tradesmen or women into your home. In the past, this would mean that you had to take a day off work to await the contractor or you would have to trust them with a key and hope for the best. With modern coded entry systems, you can assign a temporary entrance code to these workers. The code can be used to both open the door and turn off any security systems. The code expires after use, so you don't need to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.

Zoned entrance access

Even better, you can have your security company add coded systems to other parts of the home, such as the garage or even the master bedroom. When you are away, these doors can be secured closed with a completely different code. This way you don't have to worry about workers wandering into areas of your home that you would rather be off limits. You will simply assign these off-limit doors to a different code zone than the main entrance door.

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