5 Features To Look For In A Security Camera System

Security cameras are among the most proven ways to deter theft and crime. It's important, though, to have the right sort of security camera system in place to maximize your investment. You may want to consider these 5 features before you acquire a new system.


Cameras should provide thorough coverage across the area in question. This may entail using overlapping fields of view to maximize coverage. Alternatively, you can invest in security cameras that have fish-eye lenses that provide a wider field of view.

Recording Time and Storage

The vast majority of systems on the market today use digital storage solutions. You want to use a setup that has several redundancies, usually meaning they combine a number of hard drives together to ensure a storage component failure won't lead to loss of video.

Most buyers will also want to get the most recording time possible out of their systems. By combining hardware systems with software solutions, you can configure a setup that, for example, takes one frame every half-second to keep storage usage down.

Backup Capabilities

It's also wise to have a solution in place so you can back up the video. Not only does this provide further redundancy, but it also makes archiving possible. Many systems now integrate with cloud-based systems to perform backups in close to real-time. It's even possible to stream feeds to your devices so you can, for example, check the live video on your cellphone.

Night Vision

Not all areas are well lit enough to provide quality security video at night. Fortunately, there are many security cameras on the market now that provide night vision. Typically, these employ the infrared spectrum to provide sight in the dark. This is ideal for locations where the lights are off or low at night, and it can also be handy for storage rooms. It's also possible to find a security camera system that records in both the infrared and visible spectrums.

Secure Connections

Some criminals like to take advantage of security cameras to make locations less secure. An especially common technique is to pull analog video feeds off the air so they can use your monitoring systems as their eyes.

Not only should the connection use digital video, but it should be encrypted. This will keep prying eyes away from your feeds. Depending on the security standards for your industry, it may also be necessary for regulatory compliance.

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