Use These Simple Strategies To Keep People From Using Your Home Wireless Network

When you're paying for your home Internet, the last thing you want is to have someone join the network and use your bandwidth. This may end up costing you money if your bandwidth usage surpasses your monthly limit. If you live remotely, you don't really need to worry about someone using your connection. However, if you're in an urban area with nearby neighbors — for example, in an apartment or condo — many neighbors will be able to see your network and could potentially try to join it. Read More 

6 Ways A Smart Home Saves You Time In The Morning

A smart home offers consumers a lot of different advantages. Depending on the components you have in your smart home, you may notice lowered energy bills, more convenience, or just more fun in your home. In addition to all that, you may find that a smart home saves you time in the morning. Here's a look at where these systems can shave off minutes in the morning. 1. Making Coffee for You Read More 

Factors To Consider When Selecting An ARIN IP Broker

The American Registry for Internet Numbers, or ARIN, assigns IPv4 prefixes for IP addresses. These blocks can then be sold to businesses who assign these IP addresses out, such as Internet service providers and cell phone companies. Some businesses may also wish to purchase their own IPv4 addresses. If you are looking to purchase a group of ARIN IP addresses, you will need to work with a broker to complete the purchase. Read More 

Using Satellite Internet? Make The Switch To High Speed Internet Service To Optimize Time At Home

If you have had satellite internet for more than a few months, you most likely have experienced some of its major setbacks. When you get rain, snow, or even just heavy cloud coverage, your connection will stop. This can quickly put a damper on an evening when you are trying to relax and watch a movie. If you have access to high speed Internet service, such as DSL, cable, or fiber optic, you should make the switch. Read More 

Using Your Router To Monitor Internet Activity

Did you know that your wireless Internet router can be used to do more than simply connect you to the Internet? It can be used to monitor the Internet activity that has been transmitted through it. Here, you will learn how to use your router to monitor Internet activity. Many wireless routers actually provide you with an easy way to learn what websites have been visited through your Internet. To find this information you simply: Read More