It’s A Fast-Paced World: 4 Benefits Obtained From Using Fast Steering Mirrors

If you've thought about going into the field of technology, you'll be learning a lot about piezo actuators and fast steering mirrors. The one thing you'll learn is that piezo actuators don't reach their maximum potential without the work of fast steering mirrors. That's because those fast steering mirrors allow laser beams to be moved, positioned, and repositioned quickly and accurately, which is crucial to the performance of your piezo actuator. Read More 

Maintenance Planning For IT Systems

How often does your business maintain its Information Technology systems? Do you clean out the fans every month, or just when the systems are noticeably dirty? Are your storage drive replacements done on a regular schedule, or do you have a plan for removing devices that fail more than once? Every business has different budget and efficiency needs when it comes to maintaining their computer and server systems, and a few of these details can help you figure out how to best organize your business IT maintenance planning. Read More 

Avid Online Shopper? Tips For Keeping Your Delivered Packages Safe From Theft

Purchasing clothing, electronics, and even groceries online is becoming more popular among households of all sizes. If you are an onlne shopper, you already know how convenient it is to browse, select, and purchase the items you want to buy from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Even better are extra benefits, like using less fuel to shop at physical stores and being able to stay away from crowds during flu season. Read More 

Ready To Design The Next Hit Mobile App? 3 Steps You Should Take Before You Get Started

So you've got a great idea for an app. Your goal is to design, implement it, and get it featured on a system. That's a great goal. However, given the number of apps that are added to the systems, you might not have much luck getting your first app featured. Before you spend all your time, and your money, designing an app that might not see the light of day, make sure you've established a foundation for success. Read More 

Balancing Business Communications And Data Usage

Many businesses are switching to a more flexible way of maintaining communications. Higher internet speeds, sophisticated data routing, and feature-filled Voice over IP (VOIP) systems have made it easier to use in-house phone systems without having to connect a lot of older, harder to maintain copper switchboards. Here are a few ways that businesses have adopted VOIP on top of their standard internet use, along with ways to balance both systems for efficient communications. Read More